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I have a bit of discourse for y'all:

mint chocolate

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Can people reblog this so i can find active users

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free him

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he's chained for a reason, fools

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hatsune miku said trans rights


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Reblog this post so we can try to find all the blogs on here and follow each other!

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jade be like OwO

looking for new pals/mutuals!!

hi there! i'm assiel/jade and i found this website through tumblr! (my url on there is assiel-the-goat). i've seen a lot of people making these kind of intro posts so i might as well jump on the bandwagon LOL

about me :]

  • she/her
  • lesbian...
  • 5'3"
  • ???


  • homestuck
  • vocaloid
  • mystery skulls [animated]
  • star stable online (i have a sideblog for this! @wolfheart)
  • undertale
  • vaporwave/synthwave
  • future funk
  • minecraft
  • pokemon
  • 3DS hacking/homebrew/stuff like that
  • probably a lot of other stuff that i'm forgetting

stuff i'll probably post/reblog

  • things involving my interests
  • lgbt+ positive/supportive posts
  • Funnies
  • i... don't really know what else

so there you go! if you share any of my interests, feel free to follow me or like this post and i'll follow back :D

(dni page coming soon)

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trans rights are human rights

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hey gamers

if you're seeing this, congratulations! welcome to my new waterfall account :)

i was assiel-the-goat on tumblr so you're probably here because you're one of my friends :D